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The Performance II is a two ply head manufactured with Aquarian's Vacuum Molded Process which eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles between the two plies.

These heads are sealed at the edges to control any over ring and focus on low frequencies. They are designed for "loose" tuning to deliver that low, fat, punchy tom tom sound. Remember that big, fat, low tom tom sound you heard on the classic rock and roll records? The sound that you could never get on your own? Now you can get that low-controlled sound.

The small Power Dot adds durability. Great head to use as an upgrade on low priced kits. Adds focused Power!

Aquarian 18" Performance II Clear w/Power Dot Toms

  • Due to manufacturing latency some items may not be available. Please call/text at (833) 629-9376 or email us at  for availability. We will respond back within 24hrs with more information.

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