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The SKI-"T" MICRO Superkick I is a clear, 10mil, single ply, medium weight bass drum head that features Aquarian's patented "Floating Muffling System" and is designed for Micro-Sized bass drum shells that use metal drum hoops. 

These SKI-T Models are made to fit 14",15",16" and 18" DIY tom-to-bass drum conversions. They can also be used as batter heads on toms and Auxilary Snare Drums for that Fat and Funky  Sound! These heads are perfect for Cocktail Kits and the popular smaller "gigging kits". 

The narrow floating SK felt muffle ring attaches to the backside of the drumhead and enhances low-end frequencies for a bigger sounding, well-defined punchy micro kick experience. 

  • ADDS LOW-END to even the smallest bass drum
  • FLOATING MUFFLE RING adds resonance control
  • AVAILABLE IN 14", 15" 16" and 18" size drums 

Aquarian 18" Super Kick I Clear w/ Tom Hoop

  • Due to manufacturing latency some items may not be available. Please call/text at (833) 629-9376 or email us at  for availability. We will respond back within 24hrs with more information.

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