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The 8000 Series Flat Base stands bring the classic flat base design with features for today's drummer.

Height: 24-58. Weight: 5.6 lbs. Tube diameters: 7/8-3/4. Features include: ·Classic look low mass Tri-leg flat base with cast Key Lock ·Hinged height adjustments with ABS Super Lock inserts for no metal to metal contact ·Brake style gearless cymbal tilter with memory lock. Hideaway boom casting


  • Light weight, classic look
  • Low-profile, flat base tripod with minimal footprint.
  • Fitted with cast collar and backup key lock
  • Hinged height adjust with ABS protective tube inserts
  • Gearless Brake Tilter, fitted with drum key lock for extra security
  • Extends 24″ to 58″ with 1⁄2″ – 5⁄8″ – 7⁄8” diameter tubes

Gibraltar 8000 Series Flat Base Cymbal Stand

SKU: 8710
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