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Our 6.5x14-inch Black Nickel over Steel snare drum offers an ideal balance of power, sensitivity, beauty, and value all in one snare drum. Taking advantage of its wide tuning range, you can achieve either a loose, slow and dry sound character or a very sharp, bold and bright attack. It features 2.3mm Triple flanged hoops, an adjustable throw-off, 20 strand snare wire, Remo® drum heads, and 45 degree bearing edges.

• 1.2mm steel shell with black nickel plating.

• 2.3mm trple flange hoops

• 10 lugs

• 45 degree bearing edge

• Remo drum heads.





Gretsch 14X6.5 Black Nickel over Steel Snare Drum

SKU: S1-6514-BNS
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