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A natural progression for advancing drummers who desire that unmistakable Premier sound. Restyled low-mass lugs, ISO mounts and an all-birch shell contribute towards the impressive levels of sustain, resonance, and projection that Artist offers.


The next natural step for the advancing drummer, Artist comprises of an all-birch shell – a feature found on many iconic Premier kits for over 60 years, and one that remains integral to that classic Premier sound.


Artist shells are crafted from a 7.5mm, 6-ply construction. The choice of a thicker shell yields exceptional projection that’s suitable for small, intimate venues, without the need of amplification from a PA system. Birch also provides a bright, articulate tone with fantastic weight and attack, making it also suitable for home recording and streaming.


5pc Shell Pack

  • 10″ x 7″ Rack Tom
  • 12″ x 8″ Rack Tom
  • 14″ x 14″ Floor Tom
  • 20″ x 16″ Bass Drum
  • 14″ x 5.5″ Snare Drum


Key Features

  • All-birch shell
  • 7.5mm, 6-ply shell construction
  • 45-degree bearing edge
  • New ‘Deco’ style tension lug design
  • ISO mounting system 
  • Tom bracket with integral memory lock design
  • 1.5mm triple-flange steel hoops 
  • Wooden bass drum hoops
  • Matching wooden snare drum
  • Tom holder with memory locks
  • Choice of four lacquer finishes


Premier Artist 20" 5pc Shell Pack Indigo Burst

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