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Introducing PowerPlay, an exciting new range of digital drum kits from Premier that features PM-PP1X. 

Thanks to almost 100 years of hindsight, and a keen eye for the wants and needs of our customers, both PowerPlay kits boast an innovative module that surpasses others in their class. From Folk to Rock, and Jazz to Pop, the module comes complete with an array of authentic drum sounds that span across a wide range of musical styles, all of which can be tweaked to suit the needs of each individual thanks to on-board digital signal processing. The PowerPlay module includes 25 preset kits and 423 samples

Kit customisation can be furthered via each model’s unique single-point tensioning system, providing the user with total control over the feel of each pad. Whether they desire a loose floor tom, or a tight snare, anything is possible. Laid out like a traditional drum kit, any drummer will instantly feel at home when hitting the PowerPlay series.

A wide scope of connectivity options adds to each kit’s versatility, meaning they can be played loud through an external speaker, or silently with headphones. The inclusion of a USB port even allows you to broaden the realms of what’s possible by transforming the kits into a powerful MIDI controller that can be used in conjunction with Digital Audio Workstations and third party libraries.



  • 10" tom pads (x3)
  • 12" snare pad
  • 12" kick pad with bass drum pedal
  • 12" dual zone, fully rubberised, crash cymbals (x2)
  • 14" triple zone ride cymbal
  • Real hi-hat stand with fully rubberised hi-hat pads
  • Premier module featuring 25 preset kits and 423 samples
  • Solid, heavy-duty frame
  • Product code: PM-PP1X


Premier PowerPlayX

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