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The Pro Lite hardware is a single-braced series designed to cut down on the weight a double-braced stand has. The tripod base is low, keeping the stand more balanced and sturdy. This lighter weight series offers professional features such as hinged height adjustment collars and Gibraltar's quick release cymbal mount and hi hat clutch.

The Pro Lite hi-hat stand is designed to be lighter weight. It is equipped with a single-braced tripod, which is designed to cut down the weight a double-braced stand has. Rotate the legs to accommodate a double pedal or to position with other tripods. The fast touch pedal board controls the action of a standard chain drive mechanism, with spring tension adjustment available. The height adjustment collar is lined with a nylon bushing to prevent any metal to metal contact. The lower tripod height allows for easy break down and storage without disassembling. Attach and remove hi-hats quick and easy with the Gibraltar Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch.

Features include:

• Lighter weight
• Single braced, rotating tripod base
• Fast touch G-branded pedal board
• Chain drive
• Spring tension adjustment
• Hinged height adjustment collar
• Lower height tripod
• Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch
• Height range: 29-1/2″ to 36-1/2″
• Weight: 7 lbs. 6 oz.

Pro Lite Single-Braced Hi-Hat Stand Model GSB-507

SKU: GSB-507
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