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Developed in conjunction with renowned jazz drummer Adam Nussbaum, the 22” K Constantinople Renaissance Ride is a versatile instrument that works well in small-to-medium sized musical settings. Its unique hammering features borrow from other K and K Custom series, resulting in a beautiful hybrid with a wide spectrum of sound applications. Three rows of over hammering and four series of large hammer clusters on top give it a slightly 'trashy' sound, and beautiful spread of dark overtones. This cymbal features smooth lathing on both sides for a little extra give, and the unlathed underside of the bell retains stick definition and a clearer bell sound.


  • Versatile in small-to-medium sized musical settings
  • Hammering in three rows and four clusters for 'trashy' sound
  • Beautiful spread of dark overtones
  • Smooth lathing on both sides for extra give
  • Unlathed bottom of bell retains stick definition and clearer bell sound

Zildjian 22" K CONSTANTINOPLE Renaissance Ride

SKU: K1116
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